Can I wear contact lenses?

When vision needs a prescription correction for eyeglasses, contact lenses can free you from the constraints of eyeglasses or compliment your lifestyle. Whether you have astigmatism, need bifocals, or just want to change the color of your eyes our doctors can determine if contact lenses are right for you. We’ll carefully check to make sure you are a good candidate for contact lenses and then work with you to get the right prescription, replacement schedule and brand that offers the best comfort and clarity.
A prescription for contact lenses is separate from the prescription you receive for eyeglasses. When making an appointment be sure to mention your interest in contact lenses. A contact lens evaluation and assessment will be performed in addition to your comprehensive eye exam to determine the individual needs and unique eye characteristics for the proper prescription.  Measurements for contact lens base cure and diameter along with corneal evaluation and follow up visits are necessary to ensure a healthy proper fit. Whether you’ve worn contact lenses before or not, our team will review the newest options, the best cleaning methods and helpful tips on how to insert and remove your contact lenses. Our doctors are experienced in fitting a wide variety of contact lenses and will help select the contacts that fit your eyes, improve your vision and fit into your lifestyle.

What are the different types of contact lenses?

We carry the latest products in the contact lens industry. Our team will review your options of lens replacement and brand.  Once your prescription is finalized we also offer easy online ordering for supplies and replacement contacts. Below is a list of the most common contacts in our practice:
* Daily Disposables
* Monthly Disposables
* Toric Lenses (astigmatism)
* Multifocal Lenses (bifocal)
* Colors
* Specialty Lenses (Custom designs for hard to fit patients)
* Rigid Gas Permables
Call today to see if contact lenses are right for you. Our team is here to help discuss your contact lens options.

Contact Lenses